Available Puppies

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Velvet has a beautiful, luscious, wavy coat. She loves to cuddle on my daughters laps! My children especially love her!

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Everest is playful and energetic. He tries to get all of the puppies to play with him and the children, too. He is a bundle of joy!

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Mia is our largest female. She is very easygoing and calm. Her beautiful coat is slightly wavy. She is amazingly gentle and friendly with out 18-month-old!

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To Bella, love comes before food. Even though she gets hours of attention each day, she would still rather be petted than eat when I bring her food! She has beautiful wavy hair. She is my five-year-old’s favorite!

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Dream is very gentle and affectionate. She loves to sit by our feet and cuddle on our laps!

These adorable babies love to wag their tails and give kisses!

They will be available on October 12th! (We are glad to hold yours until they are 8 weeks on October 26th.)

Our children love sitting with them for hours as they climb on their laps over and over!

Each puppy has its own unique, wonderful personality and as our 3 year-old puts it “they are all our favorites!”

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