About Us

We are a family that raises our Doodles in a loving home environment. We have two litters of puppies per year. Each puppy is given special attention from day one and loved by all ages!

Your Puppy’s Socialization

We believe that it is extremely important that your puppy’s socialization starts at day one. We begin by giving each puppy age appropriate interaction several times a day. They are raised in our home or in an area attached to our home. Each day they get lots of attention from men, women, and children. Our goal is to make sure each puppy is 100% confident, happy, and healthy.

Your Puppy’s Health

We make sure that every puppy gets optimal nutrition. That means making sure that smaller puppies have equal opportunity to nurse and are fed supplemental nutrition if necessary.

Our puppies are always vet-checked and vet-vaccinated. We will provide you with their vet records. We feed our puppies and adult dogs Iams Smart Puppy Chow, which our vet recommended.

Picking Out Your Puppy:

People come to us looking for their perfect pet. To help them pick out their puppy, we take videos of each of our available puppies describing each puppy’s individual personality. These videos are posted on our Facebook page when the puppies are 5 to 6 weeks old.

We are always happy to meet with you over Facebook Video Chat or Skype. We do not ship puppies.

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